Transforming Physical World. Every Router, Every Insight.

Welcome to Ariadne EaseLink - the pinnacle of seamless, router-integrated shopper analytics.
Effortless Integration

Gone are the days of complex setups. Install Ariadne EaseLink onto your existing routers and watch them turn into analytics powerhouses.

Real-Time Analytics

With EaseLink, you’re not just connecting, you're immersing into a world of real-time insights, understanding every corner of your store like never before.

Prioritized Privacy

Your customers' trust is invaluable. We ensure GDPR compliance, granting enhanced experiences only with clear opt-ins.

How It Works


Everyone carries a smartphone.


Every phone emits signals, even in airplane mode!


Ariadne's devices sense these signals. No opt-in required!


Ariadne's platform understands the distance to each signal. Up to 30cm accuracy!


Ariadne's platform determines the exact location and journey of each signal, in real-time!

EaseLink vs Traditional Systems: See the Difference

Direct Integration into Existing Routers – No New Hardware!

Hassle-Free, Intuitive Setup Process

GDPR Compliant and Privacy-Centric Design

Seamlessly Works with Ariadne's Robust Analytics Suite

Take Your Physical Space to New Heights

ERP Integration: Sync and streamline your business operations.

Real-time A/B Testing: Instantly gauge the effectiveness of your in-store promotions.

Workforce Management: Efficiently manage and deploy your staff based on real-time insights.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Navigate, alert, and engage customers like never before.