Employees are your store's strongest weapon against E-Commerce. Equip them with the proper tools now!



For decades, physical retailers have relied on intuition and traditional marketing methods to make decisions, but the rise of ecommerce has disrupted the industry. As consumers increasingly turn to online shopping, physical retailers are struggling to keep up. As a response, many traditional physical retailers have attempted without any success at opening online stores of their own. However, opening an ecommerce store is not necessarily the solution, as it requires expertise in various areas such as marketing, pricing, promotions, SEO, and platform selling.

Instead, physical retailers can leverage the power of their physical stores to compete with ecommerce. This is exemplified by global giants such as Apple, Amazon, Zalando, and Casper, all of which started as ecommerce businesses but thrived after opening physical stores.

One key advantage of physical stores is the ability to present a brand through human interaction. Sales representatives in physical stores can provide a personalized shopping experience and build a rapport with customers, something that is difficult to achieve online. Furthermore, physical stores can showcase products and create a tangible experience that cannot be replicated online.

Keep in mind that having loyal customers can provide significant benefits to a business. Loyal customers tend to spend more money and buy more frequently than new customers, resulting in increased revenue. Retaining customers is also more cost-effective than acquiring new ones, which reduces marketing costs. Additionally, loyal customers have a higher customer lifetime value (CLV), generating more revenue over their lifetime. They also advocate for the brand, increasing visibility and acquiring new customers through referrals. Lastly, loyal customers provide valuable feedback to help businesses improve their products and services and meet customer needs.



At Ariadne, we have observed that the most advanced scheduling mechanisms utilize sales data. In certain scenarios, users can set sales goals for the week, and the algorithm will generate a schedule that accounts for contractual employee availability. While this approach is sophisticated, it assumes that the conversion rate of visitors to customers is evenly distributed throughout the day. As a result, missed opportunities due to high demand, limited employee skills, or poor visitor experiences are not addressed in the scheduling process, ultimately leading to a decline in customer loyalty, which can impact the strength of the brand and overall revenue.



At Ariadne, we pride ourselves on offering cutting-edge solutions to help businesses optimize their operations and maximize revenue. Our advanced scheduling mechanisms are designed to provide unprecedented accuracy in forecasting hourly foot traffic for every area of your store, every hour throughout the entire week. By leveraging this information, we are able to generate an optimal schedule that is focused on maximizing the conversion rate of every product.


The existing scheduling systems do not take into cosideration missed opportunities due to:

  1. high demand

  2. limited employee skills, or

  3. poor visitor experiences.

This can significantly impact customer loyalty and ultimately impact the strength of your brand and overall revenue. To address this issue, our scheduling algorithms are continuously monitoring your processes to ensure they are optimized for maximum efficiency. Our real-time analytics further contributes to the correction of scheduling errors by live communicating with your sales representatives on the field and requesting them to focus their attention on higher obtained opportunities, which may have been impossible to forecast beforehand.


Our solution is flexible and designed to adapt to your business needs. The schedule is being altered on a weekly basis, towards a constant improvement of your conversion rate. We also monitor cross-selling opportunities of each product, providing guidance to sales representatives on how to sell and better structure the space. Additionally, our solution tracks the precise conversion rate of every product, enabling us to propose pricing adjustments that can contribute towards increasing the conversion rate of visitors to customers and ultimately maximize your income.

In conclusion, our advanced scheduling mechanisms, real-time analytics, and precise monitoring of product conversion rates provide a comprehensive solution to help your business optimize its operations and maximize revenue. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and ensure that your customers receive the best possible experience when visiting your store. If you are interested in Ariadne's advanced scheduling mechanisms, you can get in contact with our team here.